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*AAFITN 2020 Update (July)

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AAFITN 2020 Update (July 2020)


During this difficult time, we hope you are staying healthy and safe.

AAFITN 2020 has been closely monitoring the situation and directives concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.


As of now, AAFITN 2020 will be held as an entirely virtual congress from October 5th (Mon) to Wednesday 7th (Wed).


Although the online platform was initially proposed specifically for overseas participants who may not be able to join in-person, the AAFITN 2020 organizing committee has decided to extend the virtual format to all participants in consideration of safety and to ensure an outlet for all our intellectual aspirations. The virtual congress website is now under preparation and we will notify you as soon as it is ready.


We would like to announce updates on the AAFITN 2020 Congress as below:


● AAFITN 2020 Program Preview

1) Invited Speaker Lecture

- Overseas presentations will be conducted using pre-recorded lectures online at the designated session time.

- Domestic presentations will be live-streamed at the designated session time.


2) Scientific Session (Oral Presentation)

 All oral presentations have been reassigned to the e-Poster Session.

 * We will inform you of the details (Presentation schedule, guidelines, etc.) of your presentation 



3) e-Poster Session

- All e-Posters will be uploaded online.

 - All presenters should submit their presentation files according to e-Poster presentation guidelines. We will inform presenters of further details later.


Precaution for all presenters: The secretariat e-mail may easily fall in your spam mail, so please check your junk mail regularly. If you don’t receive our confirmation, please let us know and we will send it again.


Session videos are available only for registered participants. If you distribute or make available for commercial use any AAFITN 2020 video content to third parties without our permission, you will be held liable and face civil or criminal prosecution.


● Abstract Submission Closed

No further submissions will be accepted.


 ● Travel Grant Notification

Travel Grants have changed as the congress moves to a virtual meeting.

Overseas participants must attend the online conference. Therefore, Travel Grant Awards have been changed to an online conference fee exemption.

Travel Grant Certificates will be sent by email from the secretariat after the congress.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


 ● Best e-Poster Presentation Awards

After submitting the e-Poster presentation material in early September, we will proceed with the evaluation. The list of winners will be posted on the homepage before the congress.

We will inform individual winners of the amount and how to receive it.


● Hands-on Workshop

The Hands-on Workshop will proceed online. All workshops and hands-on presentations will be streamed live at the designated session time.


● Exhibition

A Virtual Exhibition will be held online. All exhibitors should submit their promotional materials according to submission guidelines. We will inform further details later.


● 지원 프로그램 (국내)

1) 학술장려금

AAFITN 조직위원회에서는 국내 연구자들의 참여 지원을 위해 진행해오던 학술장려금 신청을 대회 전까지 접수 받을 예정입니다.

온라인 대회로 전환되며 등록비 또한 인하됨에 따라, 학술장려금의 지원액 또한 20만원으로 변경되었으니 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다

이미 신청하신 분들께서는 다시 신청하실 필요 없으며, 초록이 채택되신 분들 중 아직 신청을 하지 않으셨거나 원하시는 분들께서는 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.


**지급 조건 및 절차에 관한 자세한 사항은 홈페이지(CLICK)를 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.


2) 숙박지원금

온라인 대회로 전환됨에 따라 기존에 안내되었던 숙박지원금은 지원되지 않습니다.


● Registration Notification

The registration deadline is September 4, 2020, and participants are encouraged to register on the official AAFITN 2020 website.

If you were already registered in AAFITN 2020 to participate onsite in October, you will be automatically registered in the AAFITN 2020 Online Congress.

In addition, on-site registration will not be possible.


(국내) 등록 바로가기 > CLICK

(Overseas) Go register > CLICK



날짜 및 시간별 연수평점은 추후 안내 예정입니다.


● Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance will be issued by the AAFITN 2020 secretariat upon your request after the conference is over.


We are carefully monitoring the situation and will notify you immediately if there are any changes.


We encourage your inquiries and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us.


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